Ice House Design is a design house, offering brand identity, marketing and corporate communications and heritage interpretation. Our specialities are graphic design and brand creation and development – in print, on screen and in the environment. We work in both the public and private sectors and deploy the same approach on each project: imaginative thinking, clarity of communication and unparalleled execution.

We’re not pompous or mealy-mouthed about what we do. We want your problems – not challenges, question marks or quandaries – problems. We take time to understand our clients’ ethos, commercial aspirations and objectives – and grasp what needs to be done. Only then will we get the pencils out.

We work across a wide range of disciplines, including branding, print and new media producing annual reports, brochures, prospectuses, newsletters, websites, promotional materials, interior and exterior spaces and packaging.

Of course, not everything is done in-house. We know loads of really good people who write copy, take photographs and illustrate, calling on the most talented, locally, nationally and internationally, when we need them.

There are no account handlers here. Every member of the Ice House Design team is creative and, we don’t hide our designers away.

We believe that it's more productive for clients to be in direct contact with the creatives. No flim-flam or Chinese whispers, just straight from the horse's mouth.

No retainers either. We expect to be called upon when you see fit. Mostly, we have long-standing relationships with our clients but they are in control. It’s them and their brand we work for, and we don’t forget it.

These are our brand values, what are yours?