Coherent branded communications across all channels

Coherent and consistent application of the brand identity signifies a considered and professional inward foundation. Branded communications and collateral, apart from sharing important messages and in

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Chippenham – a new brand programme

A brand programme for Chippenham – but not a complete corporate turnaround. It's very important for the success of any brand project for the Chief Exec. to have a clear idea about w

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The value of brand consistency

Adherence to brand guidelines enables the execution of the visual language to be applied consistently. But, what are the advantages to rigorous brand consistency? Brand recognition. Outward bran

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Brand guidelines

Every visual identity development project should have a set of accompanying brand guidelines but are they really very useful? They may make the designers flush with pride but are they just digital dus

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The brand identity process

Good branding is only possible if it's true. If the organisation live it, practise and it's part of their core. Projecting something different from the reality doesn't work.  It's incumbent on a bran

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Brand architecture

Brand architecture. Many organisations have several strands to their offer. Also, many have more than one company or sub brand in their portfolio. How this is described depends on

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