Ice House Design, celebrating 25 years in Bath!

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Brand design agency

We are a brand design agency. Over the years we've struggled to accept the word agency. It seems to suggest a company that doesn't do too much but makes a healthy profit on the back of the endeavour o...

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Coherent branded communications across all channels

Coherent and consistent application of the brand identity signifies a considered and professional inward foundation. Branded communications and collateral, apart from sharing important messages and in...

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Bath based – globally admired. Photographer’s new website

Routed in Bath, Nick Smith is an internationally recognised and esteemed photographer. His work has informed and shaped thousands of pieces of communication over the years. Capturing moments, creating...

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Chippenham – a new brand programme

A brand programme for Chippenham – but not a complete corporate turnaround. It's very important for the success of any brand project for the Chief Exec. to have a clear idea about w...

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Scamps – ideas realised

Some people are better at visualising ideas than others. Let's get that out of the way. In rare cases even, designers / art directors  virtually have to complete the pr...

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