Brand – Dec, 2020

Threats to a brand identity programme

Threats to a brand identity programme come in many forms. The biggest risk is from within. Described before in our THINK ON / Brand pieces is the requirement for any brand development project to be understood, sanctioned by and committed to from the person or people at the very top.

The reasons, features and benefits of the programme need to be explained and comprehended to all within. This can be achieved through workshops or presentations with or without the help of the design agency. But, it must be clear and held dear.

Any half hearted attempt to implement the programme or resisted in certain departments of the organisation spells danger. Done well though, any pockets of aversion should have been picked up during the investigation stage and addressed at that time. However, opposition can appear at any time and needs to be confronted and addressed. Resistance can be petty and trivial. Decisions need to be made about if and what actions should be taken. I remember an occasion some years ago when the finance director refused to use the company wide email signature. It was tolerated, at least in the short term. In most circumstances explanation and education is the key.

Other threats to a brand identity programme are brands pretending to be something they’re not. It’s perfectly natural to look at other organisations and see a characteristic within their make-up you’d want your company to be more like – even if yours does not have those hallmarks. Trying to emulate this though is a mistake. It’s unsustainable, implausible and, it is likely to blow up. Integrity is powerful component of brand success and it’s easy to spot a façades. It’s worth remembering there is space for all and difference to other organisations is a good thing. It’s more a question of teasing out those differences and making them meaningful and engaging. Promising something that cannot be delivered only creates distrust and suspicion. Being true, makes for a better brand and better business. Clarity of purpose, engaged with from the top of the organisation and a brand essence, true to itself and linked top to toe is the key to success.

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Posted by Jack Owen